Friday, June 22, 2012

An Update on my Progress....

Well Yes I am still going on my Weight Loss Journey. I have now lost 13.1kg and still loving my Weight Watchers meetings. The leader is brilliant. So bright, so bubbly and so REAL!! I believe strongly that she plays a very important role in my continuing on into my 15th week. I am still feeling more confidant than ever that i will keep going this time round and not give in.
The best bit is i am seeing a real difference in my clothes.... a black jacket that use to barely reach around me now hangs from me. Its now possibly 2 or more sizes too big for me, but i am not prepared to part with it just yet. I some how think keeping it and watch it get looser and looser on me is inspiring in some way. If i can i will add a recent shot of me in this jacket and see if you can notice it hanging?! I will also check back and see if i can find a pic of myself in it before my weight loss journey and see if we can compare the two.
Im not doing as much excercise as i would like to be doing due to the rotten weather and it is my attention to get a treadmill soon. I love walking and am finding i am walking alot further and regaining a little spring in my step which is wonderful.

 First Pic is around this time last year. Jacket would not do up on me.
2nd Pic is this week June 20th 2012 shows jacket alot loser whilst getting my hair done lol
3rd Pic taken 21st June after hair was colored etc.
Hope you can see the difference from the first one .... i sure can.

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