Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BOO YEAH!!!!!!!! 10 % Goal achieved!!!!!!!!!

OH WOW I am SO excited!! I needed to lose .5 this week to get to my 10% Weight Loss Goal. But instead i lost 1.3kg making my total lost now 14.4kg!! OH YEAH!! I am so excited and more determined than ever that i will make it this time. I am feeling positive, motivated and driven and although other things are going on around me that i wish weren't i am still elated at my success so far.
LOVE LOVE LOVE my meetings. My leader (who i have mentioned many times before) ROCKS she is just so lovely bubbly and positive. And Kris!! WOW she is amazing. Had another great chat with her today and told her what an inspiration she is to me and it was good being able to tell her that.
Kris commented on my face and said it is starting to show and i excitedly told her how i went to the doctors the other day and the receptionist said to me - hmm something is different about you and i said.... yeah i had my hair cut and colored and she stood back and said..... noooooo its more than that and so i told her i had been losing weight and she said it was really noticeable around the top section....particularly :) I told her about my jacket and how i am going to continue wearing it. You often see people hold up a large part of jeans or pants they use to wear... but where as they would have had to stop wearing theirs as it would fall off i can keep wearing my jacket enjoying the fact that it is getting baggier and baggier :) 
When asked today about what i could do now that i couldnt do 14.4kg ago my answer was simple i can walk further and no longer park at the closest point to the shops i enjoy walking from the furthest part of the carpark..... even in bad weather!! I wont let that stop me and i WILL succeed!! Failure is NOT an option. Until next time. Thanks for reading... if you want to follow this blog at all i have added a thingy that displays as join this site i think and if you click on that you will be able to follow it. If you would like to.


  1. You go girl!! This is such an awesome accomplishment!!

    1. Aww Thanks heaps Kelly :) Long way to go still but i am determined :) Thanks for commenting i appreciate it :)