Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BOO YEAH!!!!!!!! 10 % Goal achieved!!!!!!!!!

OH WOW I am SO excited!! I needed to lose .5 this week to get to my 10% Weight Loss Goal. But instead i lost 1.3kg making my total lost now 14.4kg!! OH YEAH!! I am so excited and more determined than ever that i will make it this time. I am feeling positive, motivated and driven and although other things are going on around me that i wish weren't i am still elated at my success so far.
LOVE LOVE LOVE my meetings. My leader (who i have mentioned many times before) ROCKS she is just so lovely bubbly and positive. And Kris!! WOW she is amazing. Had another great chat with her today and told her what an inspiration she is to me and it was good being able to tell her that.
Kris commented on my face and said it is starting to show and i excitedly told her how i went to the doctors the other day and the receptionist said to me - hmm something is different about you and i said.... yeah i had my hair cut and colored and she stood back and said..... noooooo its more than that and so i told her i had been losing weight and she said it was really noticeable around the top section....particularly :) I told her about my jacket and how i am going to continue wearing it. You often see people hold up a large part of jeans or pants they use to wear... but where as they would have had to stop wearing theirs as it would fall off i can keep wearing my jacket enjoying the fact that it is getting baggier and baggier :) 
When asked today about what i could do now that i couldnt do 14.4kg ago my answer was simple i can walk further and no longer park at the closest point to the shops i enjoy walking from the furthest part of the carpark..... even in bad weather!! I wont let that stop me and i WILL succeed!! Failure is NOT an option. Until next time. Thanks for reading... if you want to follow this blog at all i have added a thingy that displays as join this site i think and if you click on that you will be able to follow it. If you would like to.

Friday, June 22, 2012

An Update on my Progress....

Well Yes I am still going on my Weight Loss Journey. I have now lost 13.1kg and still loving my Weight Watchers meetings. The leader is brilliant. So bright, so bubbly and so REAL!! I believe strongly that she plays a very important role in my continuing on into my 15th week. I am still feeling more confidant than ever that i will keep going this time round and not give in.
The best bit is i am seeing a real difference in my clothes.... a black jacket that use to barely reach around me now hangs from me. Its now possibly 2 or more sizes too big for me, but i am not prepared to part with it just yet. I some how think keeping it and watch it get looser and looser on me is inspiring in some way. If i can i will add a recent shot of me in this jacket and see if you can notice it hanging?! I will also check back and see if i can find a pic of myself in it before my weight loss journey and see if we can compare the two.
Im not doing as much excercise as i would like to be doing due to the rotten weather and it is my attention to get a treadmill soon. I love walking and am finding i am walking alot further and regaining a little spring in my step which is wonderful.

 First Pic is around this time last year. Jacket would not do up on me.
2nd Pic is this week June 20th 2012 shows jacket alot loser whilst getting my hair done lol
3rd Pic taken 21st June after hair was colored etc.
Hope you can see the difference from the first one .... i sure can.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

10.2 kg less of me :)

Wooo!!! Just got home from my awesome WW meeting and YESSSSSSSSS I have now lost 10.2kg!!! Woop Woop!! Lol just a tad excited at getting past that first 10kg mark!! Such a long way to go but i am most definately heading in the right direction. My leader today asked me what i could do now that i couldnt do 10kg ago and i took no time in answering the fact that i can now walk further. The other day i challenged myself to walk to where i once would stop puffed and calves sore with cramping. I easily made it past that point and beyond! Such a great feeling.
I also make a point of parking the furtherest part of the car park when i do my shopping now days too!! The more walking the better. I am spending less and less time on the computer and am already thinking ahead to what physical activites i will set my sights on when i have i am able. Amongst those include dancing. I may look into having formal lessons or just join a fun group but that is definately on my to do list. Another thing i will most definately do once i am fit enough is get back on a push bike!! I use to LOVE riding my bike!! I was always out riding in my younger days. Never thought of it as excercise it was just my chilling time. It may sound odd but it relaxed me. I would do my best problem solving when riding that bike. Everything always became so much clearer to me. So i am REALLY looking forward to being able to do that again. My gorgeous son, Daniel who is 5 wondered what all the excitement was about so i explained mummy has lost some weight and when she loses more she will be able to ride her bike again and he gave me a huge grin and hug and excitedly said... Then you can ride with me mummy and we can have a picnic :) Its moments like those that make this all the more sweeter. So this week i intend to focus on tracking my points more and walking more! Can't wait!! I am so fired up

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hello, me again.... lol is anyone even reading this? Well even if there isn't i guess its like an online journal for myself to be accountable to. It was a very wet and windy day on thursday but i fronted up to my Weight Watchers meeting as i had decided this time around i was determined to not let silly excuses for not going put me off my long term goal. I lost .8 this week, making my total so far 9.3kg in 10 weeks! Woo!! As you can imagine i am hoping like anything to make at least another .7 loss this week so i can reach that 10kg off milestone!! Its so close i can feel it. Still such a very long way to go for me to get where i need to. But i am remaining focused. I have even begun searching for the kinds of clothing and footwear i intend to buy when i am down to where i need to be. I am so looking forward to doing that. But it is a long way off. Not only do i need to lose alot more weight but at the end of my weight loss i will have to face up to having surgery for a large ventral hernia. :( My hernia is awful!! I truly hate it! And the thought of having an op scares me. But no good losing weight and then not getting rid of this hideous bulge!
I absolutely love my weekly meetings. I find them so inspirational. There is a lovely lady named Kris at my meeting who this week made it to 40.1kg off!!! WOW!!!!! I am so in awe of her. I asked her if she had a before photo i could see and OMG!! I could barely recognize it as being the same person. She looks amazing!! No offence to anyone out there losing a small amount of weight. I realize its all important and we need to feel happy in our own skin. But for me personally i am so sick of picking up a weight loss mag to hear how someone lost 5kg or 7kg. Where as this might be great i want to read stories of people losing 30 or more kg. So to chat to Kris and hear of her journey.... gives me hope.
Well with the TV up loud in the background i am begining to wonder if i am even making sense so i will close here for now. Until next Thursday - adios :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I intend rewarding myself when I reach my goal weight. I am hoping this will be this time next year. A holiday to a Tropical Island might be nice :)

How Did I reach this size?

This has been a long time coming. I guess if the truth be known i noticed i put on a little weight when i was around 19. Up to this point i had been very thin. I use to love to ride my bike. I would do this for hours on end. I guess this is what helped to keep me slim. However when i was 19 I had a car accident and was confined to bed for 6 weeks with my leg in half a plaster cast and elevated due to bursting a blood vessel. The blood needed to reabsorb. My leg was never the same again and as a result i stopped riding my bike altogether. Then as each year passed i would put on a little more weight each time. Although I didn't really notice it until a while down the track. At age 26 I was to get married. So like any blushing bride i decided i wanted to look my best so i joined weight watchers. I was able to lose 3 stone in time for my wedding and felt a million dollars on the day. Time went by and my health went down hill slightly with tummy issues. I almost became a hermit and the weight started to stack on. I once again began weight watchers and lost a considerable amount of weight. And got to nearly a size 16 when i fell pregnant with my first child at age 31! I was over the moon as i had thought i may not be able to have children. I decided to enjoy my pregnancy and worry about my weight again after the birth. However this never happened and once again my weight ballooned up. So back to Weight Watchers again and again and again!! Goodness I cant remember the exact number of times i have been there. But the reason i did keep going back was because i believed in the program and believed i could eventually succeed permanently. After having my second child at 42 i was at my biggest! Something had to be done. Year after year i promised i would do something about it but with a young bub i was finding all my strength and energy was focused on his needs and i wasnt able to make ME time. So THIS year is IT!! I am more determined than i have ever been in my life. I turn 48 this year and this is time for ME to take back some control over my life and my weight!! If the truth be known i intended to do this last January. Would you believe i made it to December before i realised i hadnt even started!!! So this year on the 21st of February i joined Weight Watchers for the very LAST time. This time i am in it for the long haul!! Just one step at a time. So far to date i have lost 8.5kg in 9 weeks. :) I am pretty proud of that BUT i have such a long long way to go. Hence me starting this blog. For anyone out there that may read this and have been caught in the wanting to do it but not getting there cycle i totally understand. I hope reading this will show you it can be done. If i can do it anyone can. I am so  lucky to have such a wonderful Leader at Weight Watchers. I strongly believe it plays a very important role in keeping me motivated. I look forward to my meetings and my bubbly leader. The great part about WW is you amongst people that truly understand about how hard it is to lose weight and change lifelong patterns. I know the road ahead is a long one i need to face but i am determined to not give in to myself this time and succeed.