Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hello, me again.... lol is anyone even reading this? Well even if there isn't i guess its like an online journal for myself to be accountable to. It was a very wet and windy day on thursday but i fronted up to my Weight Watchers meeting as i had decided this time around i was determined to not let silly excuses for not going put me off my long term goal. I lost .8 this week, making my total so far 9.3kg in 10 weeks! Woo!! As you can imagine i am hoping like anything to make at least another .7 loss this week so i can reach that 10kg off milestone!! Its so close i can feel it. Still such a very long way to go for me to get where i need to. But i am remaining focused. I have even begun searching for the kinds of clothing and footwear i intend to buy when i am down to where i need to be. I am so looking forward to doing that. But it is a long way off. Not only do i need to lose alot more weight but at the end of my weight loss i will have to face up to having surgery for a large ventral hernia. :( My hernia is awful!! I truly hate it! And the thought of having an op scares me. But no good losing weight and then not getting rid of this hideous bulge!
I absolutely love my weekly meetings. I find them so inspirational. There is a lovely lady named Kris at my meeting who this week made it to 40.1kg off!!! WOW!!!!! I am so in awe of her. I asked her if she had a before photo i could see and OMG!! I could barely recognize it as being the same person. She looks amazing!! No offence to anyone out there losing a small amount of weight. I realize its all important and we need to feel happy in our own skin. But for me personally i am so sick of picking up a weight loss mag to hear how someone lost 5kg or 7kg. Where as this might be great i want to read stories of people losing 30 or more kg. So to chat to Kris and hear of her journey.... gives me hope.
Well with the TV up loud in the background i am begining to wonder if i am even making sense so i will close here for now. Until next Thursday - adios :)

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