Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Did I reach this size?

This has been a long time coming. I guess if the truth be known i noticed i put on a little weight when i was around 19. Up to this point i had been very thin. I use to love to ride my bike. I would do this for hours on end. I guess this is what helped to keep me slim. However when i was 19 I had a car accident and was confined to bed for 6 weeks with my leg in half a plaster cast and elevated due to bursting a blood vessel. The blood needed to reabsorb. My leg was never the same again and as a result i stopped riding my bike altogether. Then as each year passed i would put on a little more weight each time. Although I didn't really notice it until a while down the track. At age 26 I was to get married. So like any blushing bride i decided i wanted to look my best so i joined weight watchers. I was able to lose 3 stone in time for my wedding and felt a million dollars on the day. Time went by and my health went down hill slightly with tummy issues. I almost became a hermit and the weight started to stack on. I once again began weight watchers and lost a considerable amount of weight. And got to nearly a size 16 when i fell pregnant with my first child at age 31! I was over the moon as i had thought i may not be able to have children. I decided to enjoy my pregnancy and worry about my weight again after the birth. However this never happened and once again my weight ballooned up. So back to Weight Watchers again and again and again!! Goodness I cant remember the exact number of times i have been there. But the reason i did keep going back was because i believed in the program and believed i could eventually succeed permanently. After having my second child at 42 i was at my biggest! Something had to be done. Year after year i promised i would do something about it but with a young bub i was finding all my strength and energy was focused on his needs and i wasnt able to make ME time. So THIS year is IT!! I am more determined than i have ever been in my life. I turn 48 this year and this is time for ME to take back some control over my life and my weight!! If the truth be known i intended to do this last January. Would you believe i made it to December before i realised i hadnt even started!!! So this year on the 21st of February i joined Weight Watchers for the very LAST time. This time i am in it for the long haul!! Just one step at a time. So far to date i have lost 8.5kg in 9 weeks. :) I am pretty proud of that BUT i have such a long long way to go. Hence me starting this blog. For anyone out there that may read this and have been caught in the wanting to do it but not getting there cycle i totally understand. I hope reading this will show you it can be done. If i can do it anyone can. I am so  lucky to have such a wonderful Leader at Weight Watchers. I strongly believe it plays a very important role in keeping me motivated. I look forward to my meetings and my bubbly leader. The great part about WW is you amongst people that truly understand about how hard it is to lose weight and change lifelong patterns. I know the road ahead is a long one i need to face but i am determined to not give in to myself this time and succeed.

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